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Are you totally disabled and in need of financial support? Are you focused on helping a family member in this situation? Perhaps you have applied for Supplemental Security Income and been shocked to receive a claim denial for reasons you do not understand.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a critical source of income for many people whose disabilities prevent them from working. Although a prior work history is not a requirement, as it is for SSDI, there are strict limitations on other income and assets. At Linda A. Jones & Co. LLC in Toledo, an SSI attorney who has helped many people obtain their rightful government benefits is here to help you take the necessary steps to get yours.

A Law Firm Focused Solely On Disability Claims And Appeals

Social Security Disability law is the exclusive focus for Ms. Jones and our professional team. We thrive on helping men, women and children with all kinds of severe impairments get the benefits they so need to meet basic life needs and live the fullest lives possible.

Whereas some lawyers will help you only if you have already been denied SSI, you can contact our firm for counsel anytime. If you have received a denial notice, we will carefully evaluate your case, explain next steps and immediately begin building the strongest possible case for your reconsideration hearing or appeal.

Personal Attention To Your Case · Taking Every Step Necessary To Succeed

Ms. Jones is dedicated to fully understanding each client’s condition, providing clear, honest guidance and working every angle available to succeed. You will speak with her personally and know where your claim stands every step of the way. Actions we may take include:

  • Assembling the medical records and other evidence essential to your case, in light of in-depth knowledge of what SSA officials need to approve SSI claims
  • Structuring a solid, concise legal theory why your claim should be approved and providing a brief to the judge assigned to your case
  • Meeting with you directly to ensure you are well prepared to give testimony at your reconsideration hearing or appeal

Based In Lucas County, A Supplemental Security Income Attorney You Can Talk To And Trust

For a free consultation with a Toledo, Ohio, SSI attorney who has succeeded with many claims based on physical disability, mental disability and multiple disabling concerns, call or email us anytime.

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