A Disability Benefits Attorney Who Will Prioritize Your Case

Proven Representation For SSDI Claims And Appeals

Some Ohio firms and national companies that advertise Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) representation offer minimal direct contact with an attorney. Many will help you only after a claim denial. In some cases, the client works only with a clerk or assistant until minutes before his or her hearing.

In the view of attorney Linda A. Jones, your case is far too important to approach that way. She thrives on personal contact with the people she represents and will truly make your case her mission.

Considering Applying For SSDI Benefits Or Had A Claim Denied?

The fundamental requirements for a successful SSDI claim include a person having worked and paid into the system sufficiently prior to becoming permanently and totally disabled. People qualify for disability due to a vast range of severe impairments – both physical and mental – that can be shown through objective evidence and testimony to render them unable to work. The majority of SSDI applications are initially denied; if you have received a claim denial, it does not mean you cannot qualify – the Social Security Administration has an appeals process and with persistence and the right legal counsel, you may still qualify for benefits. However, you have only 65 days to file an appeal. Getting sound legal advice as soon as possible is critical.

Benefit From Caring Personal Attention And Thorough, Diligent Preparation

If you are uncertain whether you qualify for benefits, or you are intimidated by the Social Security Disability application process, attorney Jones will gladly help you make a sound decision and take the proper steps. If you have tried to get approved for benefits on your own and been denied, attorney Jones will personally assess the viability of your case and determine what must be done to strengthen your claim.

Contact Us Now – Your SSDI Claim Will Become Our Priority

Linda A. Jones offers a free consultation and pursues only cases in which she believes she can prevail. If you succeed in obtaining benefits, your fee will be limited to 25% of your back-due award or $6,000, whichever is less. Example: If you are awarded a back award of $10,000, the attorney fee is $2,500. Call 419-719-5286 or fill out the online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

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